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Webinar Tonight! Did you see the announcement? Did you Join Google Classroom for Webinars? Got your Zoom link?

Good day, everyone! I hope all is well and everyone is having a great day! I'm looking forward to seeing you all tonight as we tackle some Health Promotion and Maintenance category questions and Case Studies.

Stay motivated and continue to motivate each other!

The Zoom link is attached to the Webinar group class in Google Classroom. If you registered for tonight's group study then you were sent an invite to join the class. Check your email! Be sure to tell your email "Not junk" so you get important messages to your inbox.

Once you join the class you will find a question you are welcome to share your response and you will find the link to the Zoom meeting tonight.

This is where you will find the class notes and recording later. We are converting everything over to this format and I'm hoping it will be a lot easier. Bookmark your classes so you can go back to them easily.

Let me know if you have any questions or trouble finding your Zoom link.

See you all later tonight, 7pm Eastern Standard Time!!

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