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Black Friday Sale!!! Free 1hr Tutoring Session or 1/2 half 1 hr

If you are a member on Spaces App for TNC- Tutoring and Services and you have had at least 1 paid tutoring session, you are eligible to participate. Answer question # 1.58 for a free 1 hour tutor session and/or answer question #1.59 for 1/2 (half)the price of a 1 hour tutor session. Deadline to participate is 1 week from today, December 3rd by 11:59pm. You must answer each part of each question correctly. Check for daily hints (except for Saturday) in the blogs on the Spaces App. Send your answers to me via the Spaces App. Happy Learning and Happy Testing!!

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Marquise  Hall
Marquise Hall
03 dic 2021

1.58 At 830 and 930, the nurse intervenes incorrectly. At 830 the assessments findings of the CVP and Cardiac Output/Index are low. At 930, the patient is said to be aroused to verbal stimuli and simple commands. The incorrect interventions are the administration of Albumin 5% 500 ml and the Extubation of the patient with 50% Venturi-mask. These interventions are not necessary. The RN should administer IV fluids instead to accommodate for the low CVP and Cardiac output. In this case the patient should not be extubated right after surgery. The RN should assess the patient's breathing process before extubating the patient. Continue to monitor the patient’s respiratory status, v/s, cardiac output, I/Os.

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