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4 Hints to Questions #1.58 and #1.59

The Offer for a Free Tutoring Session for qu#1.58 is still in effect!! Or receive half off for qu# 1.59. Here are 4 hints to help you answer correctly.

--- Look at each intervention and explain to yourself why the intervention was done. There must be a rationale. If there is not a reason, no rationale, then that intervention is incorrect.

--Supplemental O2 is not always good for the patient's health. O2 is a drug and could cause harm if it's administered without good reason. If a patient is on 2L of O2 you need a reason to go up to 4L.

--When hanging blood, think about what are the correct nursing interventions for this task. Such interventions to think about include how to hang the blood, for how long and when to check vital signs and adverse reactions.

--Be sure to address vital signs and labs that are abnormal. PAP in question #1.58 stands for Pulmonary Artery Pressure (remember this is a cardiac patient).

Happy Learning and Happy Testing!!

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