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NCLEX RN PREP: 12 Week Study, Study Packets, NGN questions, Webinar Discounts and More!



NCLEX RN PREP: 12 Week Study, weekly Lessons, Study Packs, NGN and More!!

NCLEX Study Planner shipped to your address

1 Weekly lesson - 1-hour one-on-one Lesson for 12 weeks

Access to All Weekly Group Webinars for 12 weeks

Access to Video Subscriptions, Blogs and Spaces App Member

Access to Google Classroom for assignments, tests and lessons

Total lessons per week = 2 lessons Max in 12 weeks when needed

Potential to Earn more Lessons in the week by earning Badges

Potential to Earn more Lessons by attending Webinars

Payment plans available with split payments - 50% down (inquire for special invoicing)



NCLEX-RN Prep Tutor 12 Weeks Study Package

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  • NCLEX RN PREP: 12 Lessons, Study Packets, NGN questions, Webinar Discounts and More!


    This plan has been updated for the upcoming Holiday Season!!


    • 12 tutor lessons 1 hour each
    • NEW!! NCLEX STUDY PLANNER - shipped to you
    • Access to Video Guidance - How to Use Your Planner
    • 8 NCLEX Study Packets instead of 6:  1.Infection Control, 2.Infectious Disease, 3.)Pharmacology, 4.Management of Care 5.)Reduction of Risk Potential and Procedures, 6.Psych Meds) 7. Basic Care and Comfort  8. Physiological Adaptation 
    • Questions and weekly homework assignments from alternate item format, NGN style and case studies based on the NCSBN test plan. 
    • Lessons that incorporate the decision tree and test taking strategies as well as content as appropriate
    • Rationales and answers to Homework
    • Discounts to weekly Webinars and Virtual Events
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